What Can Alarm Monitoring Do For Your Home Security?

Alarm Monitoring Service is an additional feature that you install above the burglar alarm system.  You might be wondering though — what are the benefits of alarm monitoring systems ? It is a good question, especially when such systems incur an additional monthly expense.

How does it work?

When you subscribe to an alarm monitoring service , and there is an incident in your home that triggers the alarm system, a firm that provides the monitoring call with the home or business for excluding the prospect of a false alarm. In case the service verifies that the warning is genuine, then it usually calls for emergency help by calling the police.

If a home or an office is integrated with this service, and the alarm rings up, then a signal is automatically sent to the service provider. The mode of transmission of this message is either a telephone line or an internet. Cellular towers are also used by some to transmit signals. Immediately after receiving the alarm signal, monitoring company must determine whether it is a true or a false alarm. In case it comes out to be a genuine alarm then the group calls for emergency help.

Frequently, people opt for alarm monitoring service for additional calmness; the basic idea is that owning a burglar alarm can be beneficial for scaring criminals away. For example, whenever a burglar tries to open a window and at the same time alarm goes off, then it is likely that he may run instead of trying to enter the home or office. However, every time this can not be true because some criminals often try to open the premises even after the alarm rings. They may also try to disable it by applying their tracts and techniques. In such cases, this service ensures that help is on the way.

Alarm monitoring services are helpful in cases when a resident is not at home. If a criminal tries to enter the premises in such case, the service provider will immediately call the property. Since there will be no answer as no one will be at home, then it is considered that the alarm is genuine and at the same time police will be approached by the service provider and will immediately be sent to the home or office where the incident took place.

In case of home invasion, these services are beneficial. Home invasion is the case in which the burglar tries to enter the home even when residents are present in the house. In this case, the service company will automatically come to know that there is something wrong because the resident will answer the phone in a panicking tone. These services are efficient and can save you from future troubles.


Why Go for Wholesale Burglar Alarm?

Do you feel that your simple door sensors are not just enough to make you feel secure against thieves? Are you thinking of buying other security gadgets to protect your home from unwanted visitors? Or perhaps you are considering an upgrade to the latest anti-burglar devices in the market?

Really, what are the best burglar alarms to buy?

You can make most of your cash if you buy burglar alarms in wholesale. In a wholesale package, burglar alarms of different types are sorted to serve your security needs. Most sellers of alarm systems give you more options with their offered packages, so you can be assured of a cost-effective deal.

The most common wholesale alarm systems include the following devices:

Control Panels

If the human body has the brain, your alarm system has the Control Panel. The Control Panel is the main processing body of the system. This is where the AC power, keypad, siren, and other elements of the security system are interconnected.


Basically, keypads are connected to the main control. It displays the status of the burglar alarm system. Other features are available depending on the model of the keypad. Actually, there are four kinds of keypads you can select from. These are:

* LCD Alpha English Hardwired
* LED keypads
* Fixed display wired keypads
* Wireless keypads

Motion Detector

Motion detectors are mostly used if no one is home. They are pretty futile if you’re at home. This gives you a little assurance that your home is safe even if you are away.

Motion detectors are commonly placed where the biggest area of the house floor can be seen.

Usually, they are installed facing the backside of the house. You may also decide to mount another detector in the hallway of the second floor. For additional security, you can set-up another unit in your bedroom.

Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors are usually installed throughout the first floor and the basement. These devices serve as your primary protection for your window and door switches.

Glass break detectors depend on the sounds that they “hear”. They easily react to sounds that may have potential threats. “Smart” models have excellent standards for sensitivity as well as immunity to misleading or fake alarms.

Outdoor and Indoor Siren

You have a wide selection as to where to place your sirens at home. Most people prefer fixing them in the attic vents, wall vents, under the eaves of the roofs, or a tall building side wall. You may also choose to put them above the closet or tall furniture, in the basement, and bedrooms.

When setting up a siren, just make sure that it will be out of reach of anybody who may try to remove it. However, if it can really be accessed, be sure that the unit has a built-in siren tamper. The alarm will automatically set off in case somebody tries to move the unit from the place where it is fixed.

Smoke Detectors

Some wholesale packages of burglar alarms are not just dedicated in handling intrusion, but as well as fire.

These devices are basically available in hardwired and wireless versions. Some alarm systems are made of combinations of the two.

Other optional accessories include backup batteries, transformers, voice dialers, and wireless receivers.

Home CCTV Is Your Best Friend

A friend is a friend in time of need. When you live alone, home surveillance will take care of your security. Play it right and you’re alright.

Silent walls have stories to tell

When you go to work, are you confident about leaving your valuables and pet at home? You may hide your gems under lock and key and your dog inside the house. But would you have any idea who was inside your home while you were out? As a single girl living alone in the big city, home surveillance should be your best friend.

Young women looking for the big break in the metro should not gamble with their security. Even with the security of the padlock and multiple locks, there is the fat chance that an intruder may break in and cart away your prized possessions. A home surveillance system could capture the thief’s image and you can identify him in the police line-up.

Young women who have been murdered in the safety of their apartments cannot come back to tell what happened to them, and the walls will remain mute and their stories remain untold. It wouldn’t be nice to be another statistics because you reneged on buying yourself some protection.

Armed and wired

If you latch on to the computer, you can browse the different home surveillance equipments suited for your place. You need not spend a fortune for a surveillance system. You can opt for the two-way intercom for the all entry ways to your place. Some unwisely neglect the back door where wily thieves gain entry.

A fixed camera on the back door can be a comforting thought when you are alone in the apartment in the evenings. Wire your IP ready camera to your PC and monitor all areas with your quad monitor. One glance at the monitor you will know what’s going on at the back door, kitchen and your bedroom.

To fortify your home surveillance get armed. Also, have your mobile phone on the ready and inspect all locks before retiring. Call your parents back home and tell them you are safe in your apartment. At least they’ll know you are okay. If you are strict about your safety, never admit late night visitors unless they are your kith and kin.

Smart surveillance

Surveillance is not always about the enemy. It could also be a convenient way to check up on the house when there is a heavy downpour. Is the basement flooding? Are the shutters safely locked? Is the dog running through the rug? You can check all these out even when you are at work.

Home surveillance need not be expensive. You can maximize your PC and your cellphone. Save thousands of dollars by just setting up a USB connected webcam for less than $50, and get two cameras for about $200 dollars a piece. If you have a few hundred dollars more, get a PC-based surveillance system.

The credit card should come into good use; this is the best purchase you can make with the plastic card.

When living in the big city, make home surveillance your best friend and never settle for less.

Home Security on Preventing Burglar

In 2004 the Bureau of Justice reported that:
-77% of all crime was property related
-17% of all crime domiciles were violated by a burglar
-85% of all burglaries the offender gained entry into the house or other building.

In the article “Home Security: Do It Yourself Home Security” we talked about ideas to prevent entry to your home. But the fact is that a determined burglar will get into your home. That is his job and let’s face it, looking at the statistics, they are unfortunately good at it. Remember this: property crime occurs every 3 seconds, a home burglary every 15 seconds.

The home burglary that has received the most attention recently involved the theft of a laptop from a Veteran’s Affairs analysts’ home. The laptop reportedly had the personal data for 26.5 million veterans.

Three other tactics might be used to help prevent a burglary are home security alarms or burglar alarms, property marking and home security cameras.

Property marking is simply marking all your valuables with an identifying “signature” so they can readily be identified when recovered. Methods of marking include micro dots, laser pens, and ultraviolet pens. The key here is to have signage letting everyone know your property won’t be so easy to sell on the black market because it is marked. Believe it or not most burglars do read and study their targets.

Home security cameras as part of a home security system are very effective in two respects. First as a deterrent. If a burglar sees that a property is covered with surveillance cameras they will have second thoughts in targeting that property. Second, if they are not that smart and decide to enter anyhow, a good surveillance system will capture the images of the perpetrator making it easier for the police to capture the bad guys. Home security cameras can be wired or wireless, real or dummy, indoor or outdoor, or any combination thereof.

Alarms can act as a successful deterrent. 90 % of police believe alarms deter burglary attempts. There are all kinds of alarms including expensive home security alarm systems monitored by ex-police officers. Silent, noisy, wired, wireless, door, window, motion, monitored, unmonitored-you name it and there is an alarm for it. Signage again is the key. Let burglars know they are in for a hard time ahead of time. The thing is alarms work.

Alarms, surveillance cameras, and property marking are three more ways you can protect your home from burglary. Home security has become a huge business in the United States. With the advances in home security alarms, home security systems including wireless home security and home security cameras maybe, just maybe the bad guys will think twice before breaking into your home

If you think crime can only happen to the other guy you are wrong. The “other guy” is thinking the same thing and YOU are that “other guy”. There is a reason why they call it self defense. You have to protect yourself.